2019-2020 Legislation

AB-145  High-Speed Rail Authority: Senate confirmation.

AB-281 Transmission and distribution lines: undergrounding.

AB-284 Junior hunting licenses: eligibility: age requirement.

AB-311 Regional centers: billing: daily rates.

AB-313 Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account: University of California: California State University: reports.

AB-371 Transportation: freight: statewide economic vitality assessment.

AB-380  Office of the Transportation Inspector General.

AB-390  Notice to correct violations: exceptions.

AB-408  Vehicles: disabled veterans.

AB-422  High-speed rail: performance measurement dashboards.

AB-438  Regional center services: holidays.

AB-536  Developmental services.

AB-640  Sex crimes: investigation and prosecution.

AB-708  Traffic violator schools.

AB-812  Developmental services: Inspector General.

AB-939  California Environmental Protection Agency: regulations.

AB-1024  Home inspectors: licensing: Contractors’ State License Board.

AB-1170  Developmental services: regional centers.

AB-1177  Planning and zoning: housing development: streamlined approval.

AB-1194  Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Delta Stewardship Council.

AB-1496  Sexual assault victims: rights.

AB-1770  Tire recycling program: rubberized pavement.

AB-1853  Health care: medical goods: reuse and redistribution.

AB-1854  Missing or Murdered Native American Women Task Force.

AB-1855  Residential care facilities for the elderly: emergency and disaster plan.

AB-1856  Pupils with exceptional needs: individualized education programs: emergency safety procedures.

AB-1964  Autonomous vehicles.

AB-1999  Vehicles: speed limits.

ACR-4  CHP Officer Kirk Griess Memorial Highway.

ACR-71  Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

ACR-77  Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

HR-21  Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month