2017-2018 Legislation



AB 2441 would establish a funding mechanism for the removal of abandoned commercial vessels in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. A recent Department of Fish & Wildlife survey found 54 derelict commercial vessels throughout the Delta. These large vessels are a significant threat to the environment, hinder navigation in the Delta and cost on average $500,000 each to remove. The full Assembly approved AB 2441 78-0.

AB 2061, which Frazier is authoring as chairman of the Assembly Transportation Committee, would put more clean energy trucks on California’s roads in place of gasoline and diesel powered models. The Clean Truck Deployment Act aims to create a more equal playing field for zero-emission and near zero emission trucks to allow them to have the same carrying capacity as diesel trucks. The full Assembly approved AB 2061 78-0.

AB 2171 would require the three state agencies that provide services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to ensure each individual achieves their fullest employment potential. The full Assembly approved AB 2171 78-0.

AB 2353 would help to reduce the cost of building new housing by implementing added protections for builders from unwarranted construction defect lawsuits. This bill would ensure that inspectors used in construction defect cases are qualified to perform such inspections by requiring them to be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. The full Assembly approved AB 2353 71-0.

AB 2096 would create a voluntary checkoff fund (VCF) on state tax forms for Donate Life California, the nonprofit that manages the state’s organ and tissue donor registry. California has the largest registry in the nation, but the rate of registered donors is below the national average. Donate Life California would use the funds from this VCF for outreach to increase participation in the registry. More than 120,000 people are waiting for lifesaving transplants nationwide and 21 individuals die each day without a transplant. The full Assembly approved AB 2096 73-0.

AB 1792 would allow Affordable Housing Authorities, authorized by previous legislation, to use tax increment financing to support the development of infrastructure around affordable housing projects. Allowing an Affordable Housing Authority to update and improve the infrastructure around a project would be a practical and efficient approach to improving infrastructure alongside any future development.

AB 3032 encourages maternity hospitals to develop programs to address the growing prevalence of post-partum depression. The bill aims to bridge the gap between families and health care providers, which hospitals are in a good position to do, given 99 percent of births occur in hospitals. The full Assembly approved AB 3032 73-0.

AB 2734  removes the California Transportation Commission (CTC) from under the oversight of the executive branch, reestablishing the CTC as an independent entity within state government. The full Assembly approved AB 2734 73-0.

AB 3136, which Frazier is joint-authoring with the chairman of the Assembly Education Committee, would remedy several long standing deficiencies in the state’s special education finance system, providing resources to help California students with disabilities reach their full potential. The full Assembly approved AB 3136 77-0.

AB 2543, which Frazier is co-authoring, would require each state agency or department authorized to undertake any infrastructure project costing $100,000,000 or more to publicly post on its Internet Web site any change in the cost or schedule of the project that would result in the project exceeding its established budget by 10 percent or more or being delayed by 12 months or longer. The bill would require that posted information describe how much the project is expected to exceed its established budget or delay its construction schedule. The full Assembly approved AB 2543 74-0.

AB 1873, which Frazier is co-authoring, would remove the $5 fee the DMV charges veterans to obtain a “Veteran” designation on their California Driver License or ID card. Frazier authored the 2014 bill that created the “Veteran” designation (AB 935), which gives veterans an efficient means of proving their eligibility for benefits and discounts. The full Assembly approved AB 1873 76-0.

AB 1743, which Frazier is also coauthoring with the chairman of the Assembly Education Committee, would direct $500 million annually toward Career Technical Education (CTE) to keep these programs in our public high schools. CTE prepares students, particularly those who are not college-bound, for rewarding careers after high school in a wide range of fields that require specific skills, including the building trades and technology. The full Assembly approved AB 1743 78-0.


AB 63 Driver Licenses: instruction permits and provisional licenses. This bill extends the provisional driver’s license (PDL) program to individuals 21 years of age.

AB 341 School field trips: expenses. This bill authorizes school district funds to be used to cover the expenses of pupils participating in field trips or excursions to other states, the District of Columbia, or a foreign country. AB 341 has been signed by the governor.

AB 377 Child care subsidy plans: Counties of San Diego and Solano. This bill authorizes the counties of San Diego and Solano to each establish a five-year pilot program to develop and implement an individualized county child care subsidy plan that meets the particular needs of families in those counties.

AB 458 Vehicle registration: This bill reduces the minimum fleet size eligibility requirement for the Permanent Fleet Registration (PFR) program.

AB 472 Water transfers: agricultural land: wildlife, waterfowl, and bird nesting habitat. Requires the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to allow nonirrigated vegetation to remain on land that has been idled for a water transfer, unless it determines an injury to another legal user of water would result from allowing the vegetation to remain. Additionally, this bill establishes an incentive program for landowners to cultivate or retain nonirrigated vegetation for wildlife habitat.

AB 509 Tire recycling: California tire regulatory fee and waste tire program. Establishes the Tire Recycling Incentive Program (TRIP) Act to provide incentives for tire recycling activities in California. Establishes a new tire regulatory fee, set by the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), to cover its regulatory costs associated with waste and used tire management.

AB 515 State Highway System Management Plan: This bill requires the State Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to develop a State Highway System Management Plan, as specified.

AB 521 Hunting: elk tags: apprentice elk hunt tags: fees for residents. Reduces the fee for a resident elk tag to $100 for adults, (with annual adjustments, the current elk tag fee is $445 for residents) and prohibits the new fee from being adjusted for inflation.

AB 718 Mosquito abatement and vector control districts: managed wetland habitat: memoranda of understanding. Allows specified private landowners who manage wetlands within the boundaries of a mosquito abatement and vector control district (MVCDs) to initiate the opportunity to enter into a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The goal of the MOU will be to establish a process to implement best management practices (BMPs) in order to decrease mosquito production, provide net cost saving to the landowner, decrease the application of pesticides, and maintain and enhance waterfowl habitat values.

AB 732 Delta levee maintenance: AB 732 extends the July 1, 2018, sunset date for the Delta Levee Subventions program by two years. Specifically, this bill maintains the state's 75% maximum share for Delta levee maintenance costs in excess of $1,000 per mile until July 1, 2020.

AB 894 Candidates’ statements: false statements. The purpose of this bill is to increase the penalty for knowingly make a false statement with the intent to mislead voters in connection with a campaign for office from $1,000 to $10,000.

AB 1607 Developmental services: integrated competitive employment. This bill permits a consumer with a stated goal of competitive integrated employment to use tailored day services in conjunction with a supported employment program or work activity program, if specified criteria are met. This bill additionally deletes language in existing law requiring the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to conduct a demonstration project to establish community-based vocational development services, making the statutory authorization effective statewide without a demonstration project.

AB 1633 State highways: exit information signs. This bill makes changes to California Department of Transportation's (Caltrans) Business Logo Sign Program.

ACR 49 Police Sergeant Scott Lunger Memorial Highway: This resolution designates the portion of State Highway 4 located between Laurel Road and Balfour Road in the County of Contra Costa as the Police Sergeant Scott Lunger Memorial Highway.

ACR 64 Special Olympics Day: This resolution proclaims May 22, 2017, as Special Olympics Day. This resolution has been passed.

ACR 65 Distracted Driving Awareness Month:  This resolution proclaims April 2017 as Distracted Driving Awareness Month and calls for awareness of the distracted driving problem and support for programs and policies to reduce the incidence of distracted driving. This resolution has been passed.

ACR 91 Motorcycle Awareness Month: This resolution designates the month of May 2017 as Motorcycle Awareness Month in California. This resolution has been passed.