Assemblymember Jim Frazier Sends Four Bills to Governor

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Freshman Legislator Starts off Strong in his First Year in Office

Sacramento, CA – Four pieces of legislation authored by Assemblymember Jim Frazier (D-Oakley) have passed both houses of the Legislature and are on Governor Brown’s desk awaiting action.

“When I ran for office, I made a commitment to put people before politics,” said Assemblymember Frazier. “The legislation I have put forth this year reflects that promise; I am proud to have authored bills that will reduce traffic injuries and fatalities, protect taxpayer dollars, streamline CEQA, improve our streets and highways, and protect workers.  It is my hope that these pieces of legislation will be signed by the Governor and will make a meaningful difference for California.”

Here is a brief overview of Assemblymember Frazier’s pending legislation:

  • Assembly Bill 1113: Provisional Driver’s Licenses

Motor-vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S.  From 2000 to 2009, 81,000 people were killed in crashes involving teen drivers - a number equivalent to 540 airplane crashes.  AB 1113 strengthens teen driver licensing programs to save lives, prevent injuries and improve the safety of our roadways.

  • Assembly Bill 417: CEQA Exemptions for Bike Lanes
    Encourages the development of bicycle transportation plans by providing a narrow California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) exemption for plans in urbanized areas. CEQA litigation can be expensive and can delay potential environmentally friendly plans that will help cities and counties reach the state’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. AB 417 will help ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent on the project itself and not expensive lawsuits.
  • Assembly Bill 513: Rubberized Asphalt Concrete Program
    Expands the use of rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC) on local transportation projects. RAC combines asphalt binder and waste tires to create a strong and durable product that improves road conditions. This product will help cities and counties improve degrading local infrastructure, while also helping to protect the environment by keeping tires out of landfills.
  • Assembly Bill 1336: Labor Management Councils
    Protects workers and the public investment of tax dollars that fund public work projects. This bill provides the state with the enforcement tools necessary to ensure that workers are paid the proper wages.

Two other pieces of legislation authored by Assemblymember Frazier, AB 287 and AB 1070, have already been signed into law. The Governor has until October 13 to sign or veto these four measures.  If no action is taken on a bill by the deadline, it automatically becomes law.  For more information regarding the status of these bills, visit

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