Governor Brown Signs Frazier Bill to Protect Construction Workers From Wage Theft

Monday, October 14, 2013

Assembly Bill 1336 Will Improve Working Conditions for Both Employers and Employees

Sacramento, CA – A bill to ensure employees are paid wages owed was signed by Governor Jerry Brown. Assembly Bill 1336, authored by Assemblymember Jim Frazier (D – Oakley), is part of a unified effort to protect workers from a form of wage theft that affects thousands of well-trained construction workers. “I am proud to partner with the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California on this significant piece of legislation,” said Assemblymember Frazier.

This new law provides additional tools that the State of California may use to pursue employers that fail to pay their workers the proper wages. This bill also assists Labor Management Cooperation Committees that are established to improve the communication and the working relationship between labor and management, by providing additional payroll information in order to follow up with employees and confirm that they are being adequately paid.

“This legislation will enhance the state’s enforcement efforts to combat the underground economy and protect the public’s investment in infrastructure and workers from wage theft,” said Robbie Hunter, President of the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California. “We thank Assemblymember Frazier for carrying AB 1336 and Governor Brown for his understanding of this issue and signing this bill into law.”

“As a contractor, business owner, and former union carpenter, I know how business works,” said Assemblymember Frazier. “This new law is essential to maintaining an experienced, well-educated workforce as well as safe working condition. AB 1336 also creates a level playing field for law abiding employers by going after those who underpay their workers in order to gain an unfair advantage.”

To contact Assemblymember Jim Frazier please visit his website at or call his District Offices at 707-399-3011 or 925-778-5790.

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