Assemblymember Jim Frazier Introduces First Measure, Assembly Bill 287, To Honor Vietnam Veterans


Sacramento, CA - Assemblymember Jim Frazier today introduced his first bill in the California State Assembly.  The measure, Assembly Bill 287, requires the California Department of Veterans Affairs to annually compile a list of names of eligible Vietnam veterans to be added to the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

The Memorial is located on the grounds of the State Capitol in Sacramento, to honor those who died during the Vietnam War.  However, some California veterans deserving of inclusion on the Memorial were not included in the original list.

There are several reasons why veterans were not included on the original memorial at the time it was constructed.  Some were inadvertently left off the list.  But many others died after returning from service, as a direct result of injuries or illness resulting from their service in the Vietnam War, including those who died from cancer caused by exposure to Agent Orange.

“I’m proud and honored to be introducing my first bill in the Legislature on behalf of Veterans in California” said Assemblymember Frazier.  “This legislation will allow us to memorialize the bravery and sacrifice those individuals who died as a direct result of their service in Vietnam.”

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CONTACT: Lawrence Cooper (916) 319-2011