Frazier to Stewardship Council: Reject DWR’s flawed twin tunnels plan and protect the Delta


2018-11-16_press release_Frazier statement on DSC WaterFix workshop.pdf

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Jim Frazier (D-Discovery Bay), co-chair of the Legislature’s Delta Caucus, issued the following statement after a public review of the Delta Stewardship Council staff’s draft findings that the Department of Water Resources’ proposed twin tunnels plan fails to comply with the Delta Plan.

“These findings that the tunnels are inconsistent with the Delta Plan confirms what I and other long-standing opponents have been saying for years: The proposed tunnels would be a disaster for the Delta and a bad deal for all of California. As clearly stated in the staff report, DWR failed to respect local land use, ensure reduced reliance on the Delta, comply with required Delta export/inflow objectives, or utilize the best available science in planning the tunnels project.”

The workshop where the draft staff findings were reviewed is the final step before Delta Stewardship Council members vote whether to accept or reject DWR’s claim that the tunnels project is consistent with the Delta Plan. This vote is scheduled for the Council’s meeting slated for Dec. 20-21 in West Sacramento.

“The Council’s only choice now is to reject DWR’s certification of consistency as out of compliance with the Delta Plan and the coequal goals of the Delta Reform Act,” Frazier added. “The tunnels would create intolerable disruptions to the lives and livelihoods of Delta farmers, boaters, and community members. It is unjust and senseless to wreck the environment, economy and way of life in one region of the state to benefit another region.”