Assemblymember Frazier Requests $12 Million in Funding for Restoring the Delta


SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblymember Jim Fraziers (D-Discovery Bay) secured $12 million to remove abandoned and derelict commercial marine vessels throughout the Delta region.  The $12 million was in the State Budget recently approved by the Legislature and sent to the Governor.

 “The Delta is a vibrant ecosystem that serves as a source of water for millions of Californians, supports a world-class agricultural industry and is a hub for businesses and recreational activities,” Frazier said. Abandoned and derelict vessels not only impair navigation in Delta waterways, they pose a significant environmental threat as toxic substances such as asbestos, lead-based paints, gasoline, diesel fuel and antifreeze leach into the Delta.”

In 2017, the Department of Fish and Wildlife conducted a thorough aerial survey of the Delta and found that there are 54 abandoned or derelict commercial vessels in Delta waterways. These commercial vessels pose a substantial threat to the Delta and are extremely costly to remove. Meanwhile, two additional abandoned or derelict commercial vessels appear in the Delta each year on average.

The negative impacts of leaving these abandoned vessels to lay in the Delta waterways are immeasurable. It should also be mentioned that then Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom sent letters of support for the clean up and removal efforts in the Delta," Frazier added.