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California Assembly Passes Climate-Resilient Food & Farming Bill

Source: NRDC

California’s agricultural sector plays a key role in fighting our climate crisis. On the one hand, agriculture emits approximately 8% of the state’s total greenhouse gases. That percentage would be much higher if it accounted for emissions throughout the entire food and farming supply chain. On the other hand, climate change—drought, flooding, wildfires, and extreme temperatures—also disrupts farms and food systems. To help reduce emissions and create a more resilient food system, Assemblymember Lori Wilson introduced Assembly Bill (AB) 408, the Climate-resilient Farms, Sustainable Healthy Food Access, and Farmworker Protection Bond Act of 2024. The Assembly passed AB 408, sending a clear message that funding for climate change must include investments in agricultural resilience. We hope Senators echo this message as AB 408 makes its way through the Senate.