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Toxic-Free Medical Device Act

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Summary of AB 2300

AB 2300 is a legislative bill aimed at phasing out Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) in IV bags and tubing. DEHP, a type of phthalate, is commonly used to make plastics like PVC more flexible. It is found in significant amounts in some medical equipment, such as IV bags and tubing, where it can leach into the fluids administered to patients. DEHP is known to cause cancer and birth defects, and safer alternatives are already in use by major healthcare providers. This bill seeks to eliminate DEHP from these medical devices and prevent its replacement with other harmful ortho-phthalates.

Understanding DEHP: DEHP is a phthalate used to add flexibility to plastics. It is commonly found in medical equipment like IV bags and tubing.

Health Risks: Classified as a probable human carcinogen, DEHP is linked to cancers and reproductive health issues. It disrupts the hormonal system and can lead to severe health problems, especially in vulnerable populations like pregnant women and children.

Existing Bans: DEHP has been banned in children’s toys and cosmetics in California due to its harmful effects.



  • Health Concerns: Exposure to DEHP is associated with breast, liver, lung, and testicular cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive health issues, and neurological effects.
  • Environmental Impact: DEHP’s widespread use and environmental persistence pose significant health risks to humans and wildlife.


  • AB 2300’s Provisions: The bill prohibits using DEHP in IV bags and tubing in California and prevents manufacturers from replacing it with other harmful ortho-phthalates.
  • Implementation: The phase-out of DEHP will occur gradually, ensuring healthcare providers transition to safer alternatives without disrupting patient care.


Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (Sponsor)
California Black Health Network (Co-Sponsor)


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