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Assemblywoman Lori D. Wilson Becomes First Black Woman in California History to Serve As Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas announced that Assemblywoman Lori D. Wilson (D-Suisun City) has been appointed as the first Black woman in California history to serve as Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee. The Transportation Committee oversees various issues and State Agencies including: California Highway Patrol, California Transportation Commission, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Transportation (Caltrans), California High-Speed Rail Authority, driver’s licenses, freight, regional transportation agencies, transit authorities, intercity rail, mobile sources of air pollution, fuels, rules of the road, state highways, local streets and roads, vehicles, aircraft, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and vessels.

“It is an honor to be appointed to serve as the Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee,” said Assemblywoman Lori D. Wilson (D-Suisun City). “Transportation impacts each and every Californian in a significant way. From improving California’s public transit systems, to improving our roads and highways, transportation equity, expanding clean technology use, and mitigating the environmental impacts of our transportation sector, I’m ready to dig in on these crucial public policy challenges and map out a state transportation plan that addresses California’s needs for generations to come.”

“How we live, where we live, and the quality of our lives are intimately connected to our transportation systems,” Assemblywoman Wilson continued. “Transportation policy should support housing creation, make travel shorter, and our quality of life better. It’s not doing that well enough right now at all, so I’m going to ask a lot of questions so we can get answers that deliver better outcomes for Californians.”

“Assemblywoman Wilson was a proactive and effective Board Member of the Solano Transportation Authority, she was the Chair of the STA’s inaugural Equity Working Group, which developed the first ever Equity Chapter and Policies for STA,” said Solano Transportation Authority’s Executive Director Daryl Halls. “As Mayor of Suisun City and STA Board Member, she was an active proponent of STA’s Solano Mobility Programs, which provide mobility for Older Adults, People of Disabilities, Veterans, Students, and Commuters. Her efforts led to the establishment of the innovative Suisun Microtransit system, which effectively and efficiently connects Suisun City residents to schools, medical offices, and regional transit hubs.”

“As California and Solano County continue to electrify transportation, Assemblyperson Wilson identified the need for additional EV charging infrastructure and secured $1 million in the Fiscal Year 2022-23 State Budget for four local agencies to install additional chargers throughout the 11th District,” Director Halls continued. “The STA applauds Assemblymember Wilson’s appointment to Assembly Transportation Chair, and looks forward to working with Chairperson Wilson as she continues to address the transportation challenges that face Solano County and the State of California.”

Assemblywoman Wilson represents California’s 11th Assembly District which includes all of Solano County and portions of Contra Costa and Sacramento Counties. With California’s Interstate 80 connecting the Bay Area job core to surrounding housing centers, the 11th District is uniquely positioned to feel the impact of California’s transportation systems. The District also includes numerous highways connecting communities in the Delta along with toll bridges and ferries.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Speaker Rivas for trusting me to Chair this vital Committee,” said Assemblywoman Lori D. Wilson. “I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Legislature and the Administration to advance responsible and effective transportation policies that benefit all Californians”

Prior to her election the Legislature, Assemblywoman Wilson served for 12 years in local government, including 6 years as Vice Mayor and 4 years as Mayor of Suisun City. As part of this role, Assemblywoman Wilson also had the distinct pleasure of serving as Board Member of the Solano Transportation Authority (STA) as well as a Board Member of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Assemblywoman Wilson brings this breadth of experience to her new role as Transportation Committee Chair.