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Assemblywoman Lori D. Wilson Introduces Assembly Bill 3259 Empowering Solano County Voters

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblywoman Lori D. Wilson (Solano County) has introduced Assembly Bill 3259, a measure that proposes to empower the cities within Solano County to determine their local tax policies through voter approval. This bill authorizes an increase in the sales tax limit, providing an avenue for residents to decide on potential funding for crucial infrastructure and public services.

"AB 3259 is about listening to our communities and giving them a voice in their economic futures," stated Assemblywoman Wilson. "This bill is born from numerous discussions with local leaders who are facing critical fiscal challenges. By placing the power directly in the hands of Solano County's voters, we are upholding the democratic process and enabling our cities to invest in their own prosperity."

The introduction of this bill has garnered the support of several mayors in the district, who emphasize the importance of local decision-making.

Benicia Mayor Steve Young expressed his gratitude, "I am grateful to Assemblywoman Wilson for her submission of this bill. It allows the citizens of Benicia, and others in the County, to vote on investments in infrastructure that are vital for our community's well-being. Letting the voters decide is the essence of our democracy."

Fairfield Mayor Catherine Moy highlighted the bill's respect for taxpayer decisions. "Decisions on local government revenues should be made by local taxpayers. We thank Assemblymember Wilson for her steadfast support of local issues by introducing this legislation."

Echoing the sentiment, Vallejo Mayor Robert McConnell pointed to the bill's urgency, "The City of Benicia is facing a massive budget deficit. AB 3259's passage is crucial to prevent the significant hardships that would arise from the necessary budget cuts."

Suisun City Mayor Alma Hernández underlined the bill's democratic nature, "Increasing the tax limit does not automatically raise taxes but allows residents to vote on measures that reflect their community's needs, preserving their right to shape their economic future."

AB 3259 responds to a pressing need in Solano County, where cities like Benicia are confronting substantial fiscal shortfalls that threaten the quality of public services. The bill aims to address these challenges without immediately resorting to program cuts, which have been widely opposed by constituents. It is a direct result of Assemblywoman Wilson's commitment to hearing from local leaders and constituents about the need for more self-determination when it comes to fiscal policy.

The bill is currently supported by the cities in the district with voters ultimately deciding its implementation.